Fath Cpm
Your Professional C-Parts Management

FATH CPM – we care about your intralogistics

Take advantage of our experience and expert knowledge from our technology partnership with ambos.io.


Join us in building the future for the introduction of industry 4.0 into mechanical engineering. The ambos.io system is the result of our technology partnership. Receive a Plug & Play solution directly for integration into your products. Increase the production quality of your customers, optimize their supply chain and generate cost savings for your customers. Use the FATH CPM with the ambos.io system to secure your image for the future in industry 4.0.

What exactly is the FATH CPM?

Imagine an intelligent system which …

… has an assortment of 100+ parts permanently in stock and makes them available immediately on call.

… keeps perfect order, knows the stock down to the last detail at all times and takes inventories without any action on your part.

… real time consumption of goods is recorded, re-ordered independently as soon as it is necessary and foresighted warehousing is mastered.

… is networked with all partners in real time and uses highly secure communication.


FATH CPM – Technology


The FATH CPM uses the technology ambos.io system developed through our technology partnership.

Discover the optimal solution for you:

Storage Tower

Storage Tower

Use in the warehouse
Assembly Station

Assembly Station

Installation in the workplace
Inline Assistant

Inline Assistant

Integration into the assembly line

FATH CPM – Advantages for you